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» [A true team game
» [Educational and recreational
» [Horseball horses
» [For everyone, from 6 year old
» [A new dynamic for your club
» [Show must go on!

[A true team game

[Horseball is a team game played on horseback. Each team of four players attempt to score a goal into the opponent's/*'*/ basket on the other side of the pitch. Because of the baskets, the passes game, and the quick actions, horseball easily reminds basketball.

[At least three passes

[An original point of the game is that you must make at least three passes between three different team members before it is allowed to score at a goal. Thus you cannot just take the ball for you and go alone: the whole team must collaborate. This original rule makes horseball a true team game which always highlights collective action.

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[Educational and recreational

[Back in the 1970s the French equestrian federation (FFE) was exploring posibilities to bring a new dynamism in the riding schools.

[They were looking for an activity inexpensive and easy to organize in any riding school. Educational, of course, but at the same time recreational, it will stimulate riders of any age, increase their motivation and incite them to continuously improve their riding skills.

[Building success

[During the 1930s, Captain Clave, a show jumping world champion from French cavalry, introduces in his regiment a new equestrian team game called "Horse-Ball". Although the game rises interest it stoped in 1939, and since it was mostly practiced as a seat deepening exercise in a few riding schools.

[In 1977, after demonstration of various equestrian games during a major horseshow in Paris, the French federation gave its full support to develop further Horse-Ball. The game is adapted to match the educational goals, and two years later, the French federation launches the first national championship. It is a true success!

[A great complement to traditional disciplines

[Today horseball is a full equestrian discipline combining dressage together with a collective sport. It is a great complement to traditional disciplines, and people starting horseball early become high skilled riders, with soft hands, strong legs, deep seat and an unfailable balance.

[Horseball horses

[Good horseball horses need qualities that any well trained horse has. They must be energetic but also calm at once, brave, and sociable. As a matter of fact there is no specific breed.

[All horses and ponies can be trained for horseball

[Of course warmblood horses are prefered for high level competition. For example Arabian and Lusitanian horses show excellent abilities. However all horses and ponies can be trained for horseball.

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[For everyone, from 6 year old

[Equestrian sports are uniq by the fact that men and women are evaluated equally, and horseball is not an exception: men and women compete together at all levels, which makes horseball one of the rare mixed gender team sports.

[Youngs start to play as soon as they can ride. From 6 to 18 year old, they are divided by age into 6 categories, riding shetlands, ponies or horses. Teenagers and especially boys, which are usually more attracted by collective activities such as team sports, will find in horseball the perfect combination of their interests.

[Vertues of equestrian sports, and all the benefits for children's development, are well known. Horseball particularly develops team spirit, fair-play, respect of established rules and adversaries, mutual aid, stress management and fast decision taking, so much qualities highly appreciated in life!

[A new dynamic for your club

[Horseball increases riders' motivation and incites them to continuously improve their dressage skills. Moreover by diversifying the riding activities, riders acquier more complete skills. Especially horseball improves the balance, and the use of leg aids.

[Horseball at school

[At school horseball can be practiced in many ways with different objectives. At first, always think "horseball" as a seat deepening exercice. For example just passing the ball with other riders while controlling your speed and direction is an excellent riding exercise, which can be proposed to beginners too.

[By developping horseball many riding clubs renewed the interest of their members and became key actors in their region.

» [Teachers! Great challenges are waiting for you!

[Show must go on!

[Horseball is probably the most mediatic equestrian discipline. Horses are always good to the eye, and ball games are simple to follow for everyone. With well rythmed games, quick and spectacular actions, and a great number of baskets, horseball events attract spectators and media.

[The audience will surely enjoy the friendly and convivial atmosphere, and enthusiastic supporters will be able to express their joy like with the most popular team games!

[Among all competitions, the most exciting and fun to watch are certainly the ones with young children, from 6 to 12 year old, on shetlands or small ponies. Family and friends are always here to support their favourite team, and spend for sure an unforgetable day!