Rules of play

Three passes, shoot... and score!

Game is simple

Two teams of four riders are playing on a pitch. Playing the ball by hand, they attempt to score a basket after at least three consecutive passes. The team with the most of baskets wins the game.

Pitch The pitch can be between 20-30 meters large and 60-75 meters long, with a basket at each end. You can practice horseball in your usual riding area.
Baskets The baskets are 1 meter diameter hoops hooked vertically at 4.50 meters off the ground.
Ball The ball is a T4 soccer ball surrounded by 6 leather handles.
Teams Each team is composed by up to 6 players with possible mixed gender, with 4 players playing at a time.
RefereesThe game is ruled by 2 referees, one on the pitch, on horseback, and one on the sideline, seated.
Duration Two 10 minute periods, separated by a 3 minute half-time period.
Kickoff The ball is on the ground, on the 10 meters line. The team must pick it at a gallop.
Scoring A team scores when the ball goes through the basket, after at least 3 passes between 3 different players of the team.
Line-out After a score, the game is restarted by a line-out: the ball is thrown between two lines of two players of each team.
  • You can pass the ball in any way and in any direction.
  • 3 passes between 3 different co-players is needed before it is allowed to score.
  • Giving the ball from hand to hand is not a pass.
  • The ball can not be hold longer than 10 seconds by a player.
Picking up If the ball falls on the ground, you must pick it up without dismounting.
Seizing Seizing the ball from an opponent is allowed.
PrioritiesStrict rules of priority are designed to ensure a really safe game.
  • P1 for unacceptable faults. The offended team shoots from 5 meters.
  • P2 for major faults. The offended team shoots from 10 meters.
  • P3 for minor faults. The offended team restarts the game from the fault point.

International rules

The international federation of horseball (FIHB) establishes and edits rules for international competition, which are followed by all national organisations. You will always find the last up-to-date version at www.fihb-horseball.org. Some copies and translated versions are available on this site in the documents section.