Initiated in France during the 1970s, horseball has quickly spread in Europe, becoming more and more popular. Since 1992 eight nations organize yearly the european cup. It now starts to be played all around the world.

International Federations

FIHB is the international federation of horseball. FIHB promotes horseball worldwide as a whole equestrian discipline, coordinates efforts between national federations, and organizes international competitions. Visit FIHB at www.fihb-horseball.org.

FEI is the international federation of equestrian sport. FEI establishes rules and regulations for the conduct of international equestrian events. Horseball is an official discipline in groups I and II since April 2004. Visit FEI at www.horsesport.org.

National Organizations

Horseball is supported by most national equestrian federations in Europe.

France Great Britain Belgium Germany
Austria Italy Spain Portugal
Brazil Canada United States Netherland


1930sEquestrian games like Polo, "Paddock Polo", or "Pato de picadero", develop in France
1936 Capitain Clave, a show jumping world champion from French cavalry, introduces a new team game called "Horse-Ball", which rises lot of interest. Unfortunately after the world war II, it will mostly remain practiced in a few riding clubs, as a seat deepening exercise.
1970sFFE, the French equestrian federation is looking forward to develop equestrian games to bring a new dynamism in the riding schools.
1977 Demonstration of various equestrian games during a major horse show in Paris
1978 Jean-Paul Depons, together with FFE, establishes the base of horseball.
1979 Horseball is codified and the first rules are edited.
1979 First French national horseball championship
1988 France demonstrates horseball abroad, and several countries start to develop teams.
1992 First European Cup, with England, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal.
1999 Establishment of FIHB to organize international development.
2002 Demonstration matches during FEI WEG in Jerez, Spain.
2003 First Women European Cup, at Abano in Italy.
2004 FEI recognizes horseball as offical equestrian discipline in groups I and II.
2004 First Junior European Cup, at Lamotte-Beuvron in France.