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[You are looking for new challenging exercices? But also for beginners? You want to increase the motivation of your riders? Bring a bit of fun in your lesson? Then horseball is for you!

[At school, always think "horseball" as a seat deepening exercice first. Later comes collective activity. So start with traditional balance exercices, then introduce the ball: ask your students to turn it around themself, to throw it one or two meters above them, etc. Then two by two practice passes. Later, with three or more riders, work on basic schemes, at first without, then with the ball. Invent your own schemes, be creative! Always request sharp precision in placing, trajectory, and speed control.

[If you do not feel to start it by yourself, ask for experienced people to support you at the beginning. In any case, get in touch!

Ratsastuskoulut ja seurat

[Horseball is the most mediatic equestrian discipline, set up your own teams or competition and attract spectators, media and sponsors!

[As an example, the French Young Championship, organized yearly since the early 1990s, involves nowadays 1000 youngs from 6 to 18 year old and as many shetlands, ponies or horses. During three days 160 teams play over 300 matchs of 10 minutes, attracting thousands of spectators.

[You need support? You want to meet people who are already running successfully such events? Contact us!

Messujen ja hevosnäytösten järjestäjät

[You want to animate your show? Host a horseball match for the greatest show ever!

[There is a large range of possibilities, from a friendly demonstration match, to the European Championship (so far: 5 days, 70 horses, 120 persons).

[One match is very easy to include in an existing horse show. The field fits in a dressage pitch, and the game is short with a fixed duration of 30 minutes alltogether. If needed it can even be shorten to 2 times 5 minutes of game: this is commonly used when we want horses to play two matches in a single day.

[Watch an overview of your next show, and contact us!


[Riders of any age, prepare yourself and your horses, great challenges are waiting for you!


[The European Pony Championship is open to everyone between 14 and 16 year old, riding ponies. This competition was launched in Jully 2004, with United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, and Portugal.

[Because it is limited by age, the experience of players is limited too. Thus every new country has the opportunity to make the difference the very first year. But be aware, some players started at 5 year old! So some of them may have already nearly 10 years of competition behind them when they enter the field. Start to train NOW!


Oletko valmis kilpailemaan maailman parhaita tiimejä vastaan? Yli 15 vuotiaat pelaajat voivat kilpailla Euroopan mestaruuksissa, joten ole valmis!


[Come to the European Women Championship! Although horseball is a mixed sport, this competition is only for women. It started in 2003 and the level is not yet as high as the Senior competition. You could be competitive with one or two seasons of proper training. But don't wait too much!