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We organize grouped trips to attempt the major horseball events.

Currently the best horseball events take place mostly in France, and in countries participating to the European Championships. Hopefully you will have nice games also in your own country very soon!

If you are visiting one of the active horseball countries, maybe a horseball match will be played in the region? Just ask us!

Choose your destination and enroll!

European championships

There are three European Championship: Junior, Women, and Senior. So far participants included: Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Next time in Rome

Next time 27-31 July 2005, in Rome, Italy for the 2nd European Championship Junior.

Saintes-Maries de la mer

Place Saintes-Maries de la mer, Camargue, France
Dates 16-17 Jully 2005
Event Féria du cheval

Féria du Cheval is a horse festival (...) During the festival will take place the final games of the French Championship Ligue 1. Pictures of the last matches can be seen at Saintes-Maries 2004 @ www.horseball.fr.


Camargue is a beautiful natural reserve made of swamps, where live horses, bulls and pinkfloyds. Camargue is also the name of the light grey, small size, horse breed living there. It is one of the most ancient breeds in the world.

- www.camargue.net
- www.beyond.fr/sites/camargue.html
- Images from Google

Coupe de France

Place Paris, France
Dates end of November
Event Salon du cheval

French Cup, final games at "Salon du Cheval" Paris, France ~end of November The best horseball worldwide www.salon-cheval.com

Championnat de France Jeunes

Place Lamotte-Beuvron, France
Dates 14-16 May 2005
Event Championnat de France Jeunes

During this three days weekend, Lamotte is fully dedicated to horseball. The French Young Championship, involves over 1000 young riders from 6 to 18 year old and as many shetlands, ponies or horses. During three days 160 teams play over 300 matchs of 10 minutes, attracting thousands of spectators.

You will also see animations like Coupe des As, a friendly competition played by four taylored international teams to offer the best horseball to all the young players, or horseball Xtreme, a staggering horseball based spectacle.

Générali Open de France

Place Lamotte-Beuvron, France
Dates 21-24 Jully 2005
Event Générali Open de France

Générali Open de France is a competition open to young riders. It gathers over 5000 young riders and poneys. All equestrian disciplines are represented, including: jumping, dressage, hunter, vaulting, driving, horseball, polo, pony games.

The best junior horseball players and their ponies will compete during three days for the title of French Champion in their category.